Fall Planting Ideas

Planting a fall vegetable garden is a hot topic

Now is the time to sow seeds and place transplants for nutritious produce

August also is sowing time for beans, cucumbers and winter squash. And September is all about the cole crops – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and mustard.

Fall planting guide

  • Beets, seed: mid-September to mid-October
  • Broccoli, transplant: mid-September-October
  • Bush beans, seed: late August-September
  • Cabbage, transplant: mid-September to mid-October
  • Carrots, seed: mid-October to mid-November
  • Cauliflower, transplant: mid-September to mid-October
  • Collards, seed: mid-September-October
  • Cucumber, seed: August
  • Garlic, cloves: October
  • Kale, seed/transplant: September-November
  • Kohlrabi, transplant: mid-September-November
  • Leek, seed/transplant: October-November
  • Lettuce, leaf, seed/transplant: October-November
  • Mustard, seed: mid-September-October
  • Mustard, transplant: mid-September-November
  • Onion, seed: mid-October to mid-November
  • Peas, snap, seed: late-September-October
  • Radicchio, seed: late September-October
  • Radish, seed: September-late November
  • Spinach, seed: October-late November
  • Summer squash, seed/transplant: early September
  • Swiss chard, seed/transplant: September-October
  • Tomatoes, transplant: August
  • Turnip, seed: September-November
  • Winter squash, seed/transplant: mid-August
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