News on the Texas Citizens Bank shed

Every community garden needs a garden shed. We’ve been making due with tools and junk piled behind temporary bamboo fencing. Texas Citizens Bank made a generous donation so that we can build a real shed. We scoped out sheds at nearby community gardens. Joe Przybyl designed a shed just for us. But in the end, a quick google search revealed a local company that builds sheds and installs them on your lot. The footprint of shed turned out to be exactly the right size. And it is customizable so that we can add skylights and extra windows, such that we may be able to forego a greenhouse for starting transplants.

This is basically what the front will look like, facing Edloe: cedar_2_windows_porch_bird

We may have an extra window installed in the back or move the one window to the south end. An extra window will be added to the south facing end and one or two skylights will be installed in the back side of the roof. Comments? Contact us by email:

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