Garden version 2.0

Thanks to the generous donations of many neighbors, members, and the City of Southside Place, the new raised bed construction is complete! The rotting cedar boxes were replaced with split-face block topped with custom-made cast stone caps. Designed by architect and garden Board member, Joe Przybyl, and installed by Ramm Construction, owned by Southside Place resident and garden member, Adam Gonzalez.

Adam Gonzales of Ramm Construction and Joe Przybyl, garden designer
610671Work in progress with the crew from Ramm. Board members Pat Mullen and Joe Przybyl consulting.
Heavy lifting by Ramm Construction crew. Pat Mullen, Joe Przybyl, and Adam Gonzalez.

Come visit the garden and admire our new raised beds!! Plenty of room for socially distanced socializing, eating, cartwheels and hula hooping. Work days first and third Saturday of each month at 2pm.

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